Group Event
Native American Group are so kind and invite others to join the fun and watch their dances and events. Native art work is also offered for sale. This group comes at least once each season.
Large Group
Some groups have need for large tent areas which can be arranged by calling 812-338-3846. This was the "Faith Of A Mustard Seed" group.
Small group
Groups take many forms--some of which we are sure we have never thought of before you call.  Please call 812-338-3846 if you need multiple campsites, if you have activities requiring a lot of additional space, if you need to discuss a group rate, or if you don't see on this site what you have in mind.  Alcohol is not permitted in the park so please be sure your group knows this before booking an event.

The two pictured above are only two of the kinds of groups we serve.  Scouts, church groups, and school groups, may all benefit by calling to see if you qualify for a group designation.  A group might be Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a church denomination or a school class. Each case will be considered carefully and we look forward to serving many different groups.

Maybe you are small group needing a place to dress for a wedding at The Bluffs.  This is a free service if needed.