Kids enjoy our playhouse and schoolhouse.
Sleepy Hollow
SleepyHollow is a primitive camping area near Bea's Hive shelter house.
The campers enjoy the Gazebo for playing cards etc.
This is one of the many play areas in the park.
In the River
When the river is low, and the temperature is high, the river is clean and a favorite playing place.
Deer Lake
Deer Lake and Camp Deer Lake is a fishing spot and groups can reserve this area.
Wooden Train
Come climb on the train.
Great for families like this since the park is locked during the evening so that it is much safer and quieter for walks such as this nice family is doing.
Here I am with my white tail
Here I come with my white tail. Hope you come too.
We have our babies here every year but when the park opens for the season, we are usually gone on north.
Deer Lake
Deer Lake is in the background. Now you know how it got its name
Dusty, the Goat
This is Dusty. He has another goat friend called Cole and a donkey friend called Lefty
Bluffs ready for wedding
The Bluffs is ready for a wedding
The deer come out in early morning or in the late evening.
There is nothing like a campfire.
Dusty, Cole and Lefty looking at you out of their house.
Native American Event
Native American Events are held at the park near Camp Deer Lake and the Nanny Moore and the Deer Lake Shelter Houses.
Watching the children have fun
Watching the children cool off and have fun in Little Blue River. Notice the river is low at this point.
Squirrels are everywhere. The last couple years we have had a white tail squirrel visiting us. Hope we have a family this year
My name is Cole and peaking out is my friend, Dusty. This is our house.
Leash rule
Yes, I am welcome as long as I stay on a leash. I want to come anyway.
Mostly in the spring
Water falls which is near The Bluffs shelter house runs like this in the spring. The rest of the year it is often hard to see water running...but it does.
Fall Table
Fall is the prettiest time of the year when the leaves begin to fall. It seems someone is always ready to set the table
High Bridge
You may take a rough trail (High Bridge Trail) or climb the circular stairway to the High Bridge