The Clayton Roberson Family Foundation

717 West Tunnel Hill Rd.
English, Indiana 47118
CAUTION:  If you arrive without a reservation, please do not set up without seeing an attendant or calling 812-338-3846. We DO NOT mark reserved camping sites so you might have to break camp if someone comes in with a reservation.  Also if you are in a shelter house and want to change to another you must check with one of the above as shelter houses are booked on line constantly and you might have to move if someone comes in with a reservation.

Ready to go camping?  Yes, we are open for camping and are taking reservations and you may make reservations for the WHOLE camping year which is March 31, 2017, until November 1, 2017. YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATIONS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS RESERVED EVEN IF IT THE SAME DAY YOU WANT TO ARRIVE(in the past you had to reserve two days before arrival date). We will not be taking reservations for 2018 at this time.  Watch this space for when 2018 will be available for making reservations.

In making reservations be sure you have your dates correct and are sure you can come on the dates you are scheduling as we cannot refund.  Yes, Fido (or your dog), may come with you but must be leashed at all times and we ask that you always pick up after your pet.

You can now make reservations for 1 to 4 sites on one reservations but must pay for them with one credit card number.  When you begin a reservation, you have one hour to complete it before the sites go back into inventory and you would have to begin again.  Whitsitt Woods is completed and reservations will be taken on line, as well as for all other camping.

We are in the Eastern Time Zone so will always follow that change to and from Daylight Savings Time.

The wedding chapel is beautiful and ready for use.  At the present time it will be available from March 1, 2017 through November 15, 2017.  You will need to call for reservations for the chapel and there is a charge for weddings held in the chapel.  The chapel can be used for services for a donation(used for upkeep) and again you would need to call 812-338-3846.

We remain a no alcohol park so please leave the alcoholic beverages at home.  There is no fee for entrance to the park or for use of the shelterhouses.  Reservations for the shelterhouses are recommended and most can be reserved on line.

Halloween in the Park on October 14, 2017.  Watch this site for further information.



Sycamore Springs Park
Playgrounds in the morning mist
Sunrise over the valley
Mesmerizing campfires