Grand Camp Guide - Sycamore Springs Park

Grand Camp

Also known as Cousins Camp, or Grandkids Camp…whatever you call it, the kids will call it FUN!

Why Grand Camp?

Deepen relationships with younger generations

Provide time for cousins to form friendships

Enjoy experiences that will become fond memories for all

Welcome to Sycamore Springs Park

Bring together the grandkids for a fun camping experience filled with activities, laughs, and great family time.

Helpful Hints

We offer discounted weekday rates Sunday through Thursday, allowing for one to five-night camps! PLUS Planning and activity suggestions with starter pages.

  • Plan & share a schedule daily

  • Use a responsibility chart to involve everyone

  • An outdoor handwashing & water station is convenient

  • Pre-camp tips for parents

  • Packing list (starter list included)

  • Suggest labeling everything

  • Info on medicines & special dietary needs

Making it Easy

Sycamore Springs Park is perfect for your Grand Camp. Our easily accessible park and campground offer a variety of activities fit for any kind of outing you’re looking for! Getting the kids together in the outdoors is ideal and we can make it easy with:

  • Spacious campsites (RV to tent)
  • Lots of open space
  • 20 Playgrounds for all ages – one within sight of each campsite
  • Free firewood
  • River for wading, exploring, and fishing
  • Ponds for fishing and relaxing by
  • Trails for walking and exploring
  • The village – two playhouses and a furnished one-room schoolhouse
  • Low weekday camping rates
  • Free shelter houses for “under roof” activities

Craft Starters

  • Decorate a t-shirt, bandana, drawstring bag
  • Make marshmallow shooters
  • Make star charts
  • Paint rocks to put around campground
  • Make/Decorate a walking stick
  • Leaf painting
  • Nature art creations & creatures
  • Bead necklaces with outdoor themes

First Day Suggestions

  • Create and bring a fun camp banner
  • Welcoming activities or ceremony
  • Define the camp rules and guidelines
  • Decorate a drawstring bag or camp shirt

Activity Ideas

There’s so much to see and do at Sycamore Springs Park! It might be tempting to schedule every last second of your trip, but we recommend a balance of scheduled activities and free time. Here are some of our favorite activities to spark your imagination!

  • Bike riding

  • Nature hikes (trees, flowers etc)

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Fishing

  • Orienteering*

    Bring some outdoor games. Possible ones to make include:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Giant Jenga

  • Beanbag ladder toss

  • Chalk/chalk board

  • Bowling with recycled bottles 

  • Ring Toss

  • Ice block treasure hunt

Menu Planning

  • Bring some food pre-cooked (beef stew, soup, BBQ, etc)
  • Campfire meals like foil dinners, hotdogs on a stick, etc
  • Involve older kids in planning as well as cooking
  • Plan menu a month or more in advance to take advantage of sales



       Learn a New Skill

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